During the middle of August I went to Greece, Rhodes to be precise, with my momma, her friend Teresa and my boyfriend Rob (you'll have seen him mentioned before). We went for 2 weeks to treat ourselves to a relaxing break after one of the busiest summers of my life. 

I have never been to Greece before. I went to Cyprus a couple of Octobers ago because we thought Greece wouldn't be warm enough, so I was very excited to see this beautiful country. And wow, it is so beautiful. 

We chose to go to Rhodes as it was far enough south to be hot and we had various friends who had been and said there was plenty to do, when we wanted to. The flight was around 4 and a half hours but there was lots to see on the way as you fly over Europe. We definitely did not need to worry about the temperature. Before we went I researched the temperatures and weather forecasts predicted a maximum of 33 degrees, however it was in the mid 40's the whole time we were there. Almost too hot to do anything... :O But the sun was lush and we saw one cloud the whole of our stay which was over in the distance. 

We stayed in the resort of Pefkos which is situated south of Rhodes on the East coast near Lindos. Our little home for the 2 weeks was a sea view, self catering apartment in the Pefkos Beach Hotel. The hotel was lovely, with various swimming pools, bars and restaurants and even a supermarket. The staff were so welcoming and nothing was too much to ask. Unfortunately air conditioning was 50 Euros a week extra which I did not enjoyed, we managed 2 nights without and then couldn't cope any more!

Skirt & Necklace: Tophop, Top: Vintage
Breakfast on the Balcony

We spent the mornings of our holiday having lazy breakys on our balcony over looking the beautiful bay. We would then head down to the beach or the pool and sunbathe, play games and then drink cocktails!

Strawberry, Cream and Nutella
Dress: ASOS, Sunglasses: Accessorize

Often on our way back from the beach we would stop at the creperie on the main beach road for a cheeky lunch or Jasmine bar on Pefki main road. We managed to eat out every night so it was the perfect opportunity dress up a little in summery clothes. 

The beaches were absolutely gorgeous, with soft white sand and crystal clear sea which was the most perfect temperature. The little waves meant there was plenty of time for playing frisbee or bat and ball. Often it was just too hot to sit in the sun for more than 20 minutes.

Mussels in White Wine and Garlic

Being on an island in the middle of the sea means that menus were always full of different kinds of fish which I absolutely love. There were also plenty of salad options for when you felt like something a little lighter or wanted to leave room for dessert.

Top: Topshop, Necklace: Accessorize, Sunglasses: Primark, Bun Tie: River Island
The view over Pefkos main beach from the balcony of our apartment

I could recommend so many restaurants but a few of my favourites include; Meltemi's, they had Prosecco, Nikolas, which was a short walk out of the resort but the salmon was incredible and Nostalgia, which had a traditionally Greek menu with amazing views of the sun setting. But do be warned as you generally have to wait a long time for food. We met some family friends out there who provided games and quizzes to keep us entertained ;)

Dress: Oasis, Flip Flops: Havianas, Clutch: H&M
Salmon from Nikolas

The Palm Cocktail Bar, situated at the bottom of our hotel was my favourite place for a drink. They had plush sofas, a lovely atmosphere, attentive staff and you could relax there all night watching the sun set and the world go by. They also had the most incredible cocktails! Daquiris and Mojitos are my favourites and after a raspberry Daquiri I thought there could be nothing better. Then I had a Passion Fruit Daquiri. Best. Drink. Ever.

The Passion Fruit Daquiri
Shorts: Topshop, Top: Escapology @ Topshop

The first Sunday we were there we tried to venture out of the resort on a bus into the pretty town of Lindos however you definitely can't rely on the buses on Sundays. We waited for around half an hour and gave up, going out for breakfast instead. Otherwise the buses are very good and reasonably priced. 

While having lunch outside towards the beach, be wary of the massive wasps which are a sure fire way of putting you off your lunch. No exaggeration, they are huge! They are also purple and yellow and don't die when electrocuted :(

The stand out site in Lindos is the acropolis which is historically fascinating.  You can take a reasonably short but scorching hot walk up to the entrance or pay 5 Euros for a donkey ride. If there are no donkeys in the town then be warned that the acropolis is probably closed. We made this very hot mistake!

We spent few days venturing into the beautiful town of Lindos. It is the most photographed place on the island and it is easy to see why. The centre of the town is pedestrianised so you can slowly wander around the streets, never seeing the same place twice. There are plenty of shops selling clothing, tourist items, home-made tableware and traditional Greek cloth and gifts. 

There is also an abundance of quirky rooftop restaurants and cafes. Most have views panning over the town and they are all decorated individually. 

Exploring though the little streets is very romantic with the shading vines overhead and the ability to stumble across different stones and flowers growing up the white wash buildings.

The romantic St Paul's Bay, Lindos

At the top of Lindos is a cooling break from the heat in the shape of an Ice Bar! It is the largest in Europe and for just 12 Euros you get a drink, fluffy poncho to keep you warm and 35 minutes with music.

My favourite day of the holiday was when we went on a glass bottom boat ride. The scenery was unbelievably stunning and we stopped in 3 different bays including a swim in the most blue sea I have ever seen in my life. We drank beer while our feet dangled over the edge of the boat dipping in the water. Amazing!

Jet Skiing! Bikini: ASOS

We also took a bus further south to a resort called Lardos where they did various water sports. Our favourite was the crazy sofa which my mom, Rob and myself did and it was hysterical. Definitely a holiday highlight. 

There was quite a good nightlife in Pefkos due to the tourists and some of the best places included Pefkos by Night which stayed open until 4 and the Rock Bar. As you can guess by the name they play classic rock music and serve a large variety of beers. There are different types of seating including large cosy bean bags where you can even smoke shisha.

Another bar at the end of the resort was called Eclipse. It is a large bar that plays modern mainstream music but there was one major draw to this bar. There was a pool which was open all night and incorporated a very, very high diving platform. I just couldn't resist the challenge! 

Preparing for Water Sports. Bottom: ASOS, Top: Topshop

On our final day we took a trip into Rhodes. The cobbled streets off the main square are mostly quiet and feel typically Grecian. We ate a lovely meal and even took a boat ride around the harbour.

Cute little shop on a boat

We had an incredible holiday. It was truly relaxing and just what we needed, not to mention extremely beautiful.

Are there any other Greek islands anyone would recommend? Thanks for reading :)

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