One sunny weekend in August, My boyfriend and I went to visit his Nana, who lives in Scarborough! I had only ever been to this area of Yorkshire once when I was very little so I couldn't remember any of our time there. I was very excited to visit a proper sea side town! It was even more beautiful than I imagined and there is so much to do.

We began our day in Scarborough by walking along the promenade and enjoying the weather. We then took the bus over to the Spa for a coffee and walked back through the town centre stopping to pop our heads into various shops. We also went for lunch at the highly recommended Mother Hubbard's for fish and chips. You can see what all the fuss is about here! To end the day we walked back to the car not forgetting to shot for a cheeky drink.

On the Sunday we decided to drive up to Whitby for another little day out. Again the weather was lovely so we were able to meander round the shops, taking in the little traditions and the Abbey. 

I couldn't help feeling like a tourist as I wandered through the quirky cobbled streets talking lots of pictures and not forgetting to stop to buy a little Whitby rock!

We stopped at the local Wetherspoons for an afternoon drink. I think it might be reasonably new and you can sit outside with a beautiful view over the harbour. They also sold Tango Apple on tap which I had never seen before and was very excited about!

As we went on a weekend there seemed to be lots happening with lots and people and an exciting atmosphere. There were cute fun fair rides, RNLI stands giving out fun freebies and an array of vintage cars to look at.

We had a wonderful weekend over on the beautiful east coast and  I can't wait to visit again soon. Rob's Nana made us feel so welcome and I could lay in her garden all day absorbing the scents from an array of trees and flowers! 

Has anyone else been over to visit the East coast? Do you have any recommendation? Thanks again for reading, See you soon!

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