As we are so quickly thrown deeper into Autumn, I though I would do a little reminiscing about my favourite season, Summer! This summer was crazy busy for me but whenever there was a beautiful day (there were quite a few) we would get all our family and friends round for a braai. I live right by the sea so we have an amazing view and it is the perfect setting to enjoy some yummy food.

This particular braai, (BBQ ;)) we couldn't resist a few jugs of Pimms, fruit n'all. We also played Frisbee on the front lawn while waiting for our food.

We decided to experiment a little with the desserts and tried a raspberry and elderflower jelly and blackberry and Greek yoghurt ice lollies. Both were delicious, healthy options, perfect for a summer outside. I'll post the recipes for anyone interested another time :)

Another little traditional we have had since we were young is, 'mud sliding'! We wait until the tide is just out and then run and slide around the wet mud. It is actually so much fun!

What better way to finish a lovely day than with a glorious sunset! 

What are your favourite things about the summer? Do you have any silly traditions? 

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