Last week my blog reached 10,000 views!! I am so excited and grateful to all of you beautiful people that take the time to read it. I decided to celebrate by baking a cake and I took it into uni to share with my girls.

I decided to made a chocolate cake with strawberry butter cream. I've never been very good at cooking or baking but I suppose I should at least try. I did think it was quite yummy, I just hope everyone else agreed!

The recipe for the chocolate cake came from BBC Good Food. It is actually a cupcake recipe which is what I was going to make before I forgot to buy cupcake cases... If you are making a cake I would double the recipe unless you want a very small cake.

I then used an strawberry buttercream recipe which was easy to make and so lush. I ended up making a little too much for the cake so got to snack on the leftovers later ;)

I would also recommend using grease proof paper as well as butter because my cake stuck to the tin so I had to serve it from the tin. 

Overall, I had fun and it was yummy. Thank you so so much for all the support, I love writing this blog and sharing things with you guys :)

Lots of love xox

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