With a long drive ahead we arrived at Dollar car hire in good time and then had to wait an hour 20 before we even got served. Although they were the cheapest I'm not sure I can recommend them, especially for the customer service.

We began by taking the 95 north stopping not far out of Vegas in Indian Springs for a proper American diner breakfast of pancakes. 

Leaving very well fed it was onto the long straight roads of the desert, where you could literally drive miles without seeing another car. We saw an eye opening amount brothels and stereotypical men on isolated farms, sheriff's cars and a dust tornado! It was one of the most bizarre journeys any of us had taken. Ordinarily it would be terribly tedious but it was like nothing we had ever seen before and definitely kept us entertained.

We later turned onto the 6 through Fish Valley and just as we were starting to worry we were running out of fuel, we stumbled upon our first "gas" station in Brenton. We turned right at the petrol station and later came across the Mono Basin before heading up Tioga Pass into the Yosemite Valley Park.

It's easy to see why this pass is open for such few months of the year with a climb of 1,000's of feet and intricate twists and turns. We stopped at nearly every beauty spot gazing in awe at the nature in front of us.

This was the perfect route to take as our hotel, Yosemite View Lodge was situated just west, outside the park in El Portal next to the river Merced which flows through the valley, so were able to see much of the park on route. The rooms were dated but very clean and full of character. After a dip in the pool we ate pizza at the hotel only to be interrupted by, thankfully, a friendly raccoon.

Swimsuit - Primark

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