This summer I went on the most incredible adventure of my life as some of you may already know! So over the next few weeks I thought I would share our adventure with you guys.

We were in the States for a month so there is so much to show you and tell you so I'm not too sure how many posts there will be but there may be a day or a couple of quieter days in each post.  I thought I would mix them in with a variety of other post so you don't have too much of a Cali over load. So without further ado, here goes, enjoy!

We began by catching the train to Manchester airport with our suitcases full of a months worth of clothing. We left a fridge full of champagne and took a bottle of Grenache and the leftover cake from my birthday to enjoy. We spent the night at the Hilton hotel at Manchester airport and went for supper at their restaurant, Masons. The atmosphere was great and the food was lovely but unfortunately our order seemed to have been misplaced and we ended up waiting for an hour and a quarter. Luckily we weren't in a hurry and to apologise we got free appertisers, a round of drinks and a happy birthday dessert! Almost made it worth it ;) We then got an early night for our flight, bright and early in the morning.

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