Graduate Fashion Week was a blur of awe, intimidation, excitement, fun, creativity, exhaustion, giggles and a few celebs! 

I have been interested a career in the fashion industry since I was about 15 and university was the natural progression for me to take. I sailed through my 3 year degree loving life but always comparing my work to my friends and never believing it was quite as good. Then attending GFW was like a slap to the face of confident, creative and very stylish girls. And these are the girls I'm competing with for a job!

Never the less it was a fun week and encouraged me to be a little more brave with my clothing and style choices, just a little, for now...

I split this post into two halves because there were quite a few pictures but I thought I would give you a little insight into the week. It was fascinating exploring all the other universities exhibitions and watching the catwalk shows! Check back soon for part two.

If any of you guys went, what did you think of it?

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