After waking early to find somewhere to stay in San Francisco we found the cheapest place in the city with availability was the Hilton.

Later we found out this was not only due to it being a weekend but it was also the San Francisco Marathon whilst we were there. 

So after a little deliberation we decided to go ahead with the Hilton but this sadly meant staying a night less. Sad as this was, it did mean that we could have a night in LA later on before my sister had to leave us. 

Then it was time for breakfast. The queues at both IHOP and Heidi's (someone tell me if it's as good as it looks?) down the road were huge so we drove up to Emerald Bay and kept an eye out for a place on the way to Sacramento.

Top, Skirt & Sunglasses - Topshop
Belt & Necklace - Primark

We stumbled upon a wooden cabin called Strawberry Lodge along the 50 which was a little backwards and like something out of a 50's film with lots of character but lovely all the same. 

Our next stop was Old Town Sacramento which was freaking boiling, but very pretty. While rummaging in an antiques shop we met the owner who was from Kent and indulged us in nail biting stories of his adventures in the US.

Finally after fighting through more than 11 lanes of traffic to cross the Bay Bridge, navigating the city centre and paying $94 plus tax for 2 nights parking, we had arrived in San Francisco!

We couldn't resist a quick splash in the rooftop pool before putting on all our layers and heading out into the chillier temperatures for supper.

We ate at the reasonable and delicious Osha Thai which was recommended by the Hilton, where I ate a prawn and mango curry and sipped on Blue Moon.

Do you guys have a favourite restaurant in San Francisco? I believe there are a ridiculous number of eateries so there are just too many choices!

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