I am currently sat by the fire, eating Christmas cake, sipping on Baileys and watching Downton Abbey so I thought what better time than this to do the Christmas tag I have so enjoyed reading on other blogs. It's been another wonderful Christmas and I hope you have all had a lovely day too. I've have done a mix of my favourite different questions so thanks Alice for the tag :) 

1. How will your Christmas tree be decorated this year?
Our Christmas tree always looks the same! I'm a big fan of tradition so every year when my mom says she would like a more minimalistic look, I insist we put all our old decorations on. We don't have tinsel but warm twinkly lights and a dusting of silver strands alongside the wooden ornaments, snowmen and The Twelve Days of Christmas baubles. 

2. When did you (or when will you) start Christmas shopping?
I started in early December and finished very recently! I don't necessarily have a Christmas shopping day but instead make a list in good time and pick up pieces along the way whenever I spot something exciting that I think will be perfect for someone. 

3. To Brussel sprout or not to Brussel sprout?
I'm not sure how this is even a question... How can you not have sprouts?! I love them, a lot. We normally just steam them but this year we are trying a new recipe which involves; bacon, garlic, soy sauce and a frying pan. I'll let you know how it goes. 

4. What are your favourite Christmas films?
Elf and The Grinch and Home Alone, oh I don't know there are just too many!

5. What is your most loved Christmas song?
When I was younger I loved Last Christmas - Wham! but Rob thinks that's pretty random. I don't think I really have a favourite, maybe All I Want For Christmas - Mariah Carey or Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Jackson 5. My favourite carol is Hark the Herald Angels Sing for sure.

6. Which smells define Christmas for you?
It has to be the smell of the Christmas Tree! We get ours from Whinlatter Forest in the Lake District and always go for the Scotch Pine. They are middling in price as the don't drop their needles and we much prefer them to the more expensive Nordmann Fir because they are much more bushy and such a lovely lighter green colour. You always know you can start getting excited for Christmas when squished into the car next to the scent of a real Christmas tree, there just isn't anything like it. (Except maybe freshly cut grass in the summer)

7. Do you have any annual Christmas traditions?
Oh goodness we have soo many! Reading 'Twas the night before Christmas on Christmas Eve, opening our stockings in bed, alternating Christmas dinner with my cousins at each other's houses, secret Santa, carols at my granny's, games and personalised mince pies... The list just goes on and on. We have a big, close family with lots of traditions which make each year even more special than the previous 

8. How are you celebrating Christmas and New Year?
Christmas this year was at our house so in between cooking and tidying up, we'll have lots of laughs and Prosecco. As for the New Year my boyfriend and I are heading up to celebrate with my sister and some friends. Hogmanay is just fabulous and I expect we'll have a pretty fantastic evening! 

9. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Definitely Christmas morning. Even though we are all grown up we still wake up terribly early and terribly excited, so all presents are opened by 10! 

10. Favourite festive food?
Christmas cake, Christmas cake, Christmas cake.

11. Favourite Christmas gift?
I couldn't say I have a favourite Christmas gift but just one that springs to the front of my mind when there are questions like this is the selection box that my boyfriend made me a couple of years ago. He made the box and sections all by hand and decorated it. He knows I love sweeties more than chocolate so he put all my favourites in each section. It was just so sweet (literally!) 

12. What tops your tree?
We have a beautiful angel that sits at the top of our tree and the rejects that me and my sister made throughout our primary school years all line up on a shelf, hah. 

13. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
I really love just spending time with my family. Now we are all older and don't all live at home it's just so nice to catch up with everyone, eat and drink too much. The house is even more cosy than normal and you are allowed to eat so much it makes you feel a little sick!

Merry Christmas you lovely people, thanks for sticking by me in 2014!

All my love, 



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