We started the day with breakfast at the hotel and took enough for a picnic lunch. We parked on the road for free in Northern SB and headed straight for the beach.

Unfortunately due to the unpredictable weather the LA area had been having there was a lot of seaweed but it was still beautiful all the same. 

After catching some rays and a little swim it was time for picnic lunch watching the local kids toss an American football then head for a surf and the local moms on a run with their babies in pushchairs.

We then headed up State street and up to the Mission.

My Auntie Berta was brought up in Santa Barbara but now lives in Ireland so we drove up the mountain a little to see her old house!

Back towards the centre we stumbled across an amazing frozen yoghurt shop called McConnell's then it was back on the PCH to LOS ANGELES!

We went inland a little on the 101 through Calabasas (I kept an eye out for the Kardashians!) and hit over an hours worth of traffic until we reached our creepy motel on the outskirts of Inglewood called Sea Rock Inn

We decided to stay here just for the one night because sadly Sarah had to fly home the next day and it was close to the airport. It wasn't actually THAT bad but the area was pretty dodgey.

We got a Jack in the Box 2 minutes down the road and the store had bullet proof glass, a maximun sitting time of 20 minutes to eat your food and you collected it from a cupboard next to the tills to protect the employees. Very strange when you come from a sleepy village in the UK!

Have any of you guys been to the frozen yoghurt shop in Santa Barbara? Isn't it amazing?!

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