Breakfast was once again had at the motel then it was time to explore Laguna! I was absolutely obsessed with the MTV reality show and still follow the cast on various social media so it's safe to say I was excited.

We paid $7 to park in a car park on Laguna Canyon Road (133) and took the free shuttle bus into the town. It turns out you can actually park on the road for free further up and down! 

We relaxed on the beach for a little but it was very humid and a bit cloudy so we walked back to the farmer's market on Forest Avenue and bought a picnic lunch.

We wandered along the coast and found a nice spot to eat then continued to explore all the cute boutiques and beach front houses Laguna has to offer. 

We then hopped back on the free shuttle which took us down the southern end of Laguna where I saw Lauren's old family home! 

Back at the car it was time to head back to the motel stopping at Carl's Jr for supper.

Do you have a favourite boutique in Laguna if you have been? You can find out mine in the next Cali post..

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