Our last morning in SD began early as we wanted to explore the Old Town before heading back to LA. 

We parked opposite where the tour buses wait (get there early to avoid disappointment!) and grabbed an energy bar and frozen chai latte for breakfast.

The Old Town is absolutely incredible, if we had known we would have stayed in San Diego another night..

If any of you have been to Beamish in the North East of England (I have a post on it here) you will love it. It's just like Beamish but more 'Wild Western'.

There are shops, a school, pubs, a bank and even a hotel. All for free, might I add!

Not wanting to miss out again we had arrived in Encinitas by half 11 and Haggo's Organic Taco was already busy.

Everything is organic so we went for the fish tacos, only $4 and it exceeded our expectations. I cannot recommend it enough.

Feeing nicely full and refreshed it was back on the I5 to San Clement before taking the PCH though to Laguna Beach and then the freeway to our hotel in Calabasas, where supper was off the 'secret menu' at In N Out.

What do you guys like to order at In N Out? Let me know in the comments.

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