Only having one full day in the city we decided to grab an early take away breakfast from the Starbucks in our Hotel and jump on the first $35, Grayline hop on hop off bus of the day which left from right outside the hotel.

Ordinarily we would have loved to have explored ourselves but with such little time we wanted to be able to see as much as possible and a guided tour bus was the best option. And sometimes it's fun to be a super tourist ;)

Our driver Robert and guide Misha were fantastic and gave us cookies! 

The bus goes over the golden gate bridge when it isnt rush hour which was amazing and very windy and then we got to experience the haight district where we saw Jimi Hendrix's old house, many excentric hippies and a naked man covering his dignity with a golden leaf. 

We wandered around Little Italy and on to Lombard Street before scowering the waterfront for a place for lunch.We ended up outside Capurro's in the rare sunshine for crab, clam chowder and Corona.After wandering around the waterfront and enjoying the street entertainment we grabbed huge $5 frozen lemonades and watched the seals on pier 39 while waiting 50 minutes for our bus (the only downside!)Back at the hotel we dressed for supper and went to explore the nearby Westfields, stopping at Macy's on the way back for our first Cheesecake Factory!Have any of you been to the Cheesecake Factory in Macy's? The view of the city from the top is worth the extra few pounds!

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