Okay, I just couldn't resist doing this post. I have read and enjoyed so many other people's 'What I got for Christmas' posts so I thought I would share mine with you guys too. I hope it provides you with some visual lust or a few little present ideas for any birthdays or celebrations coming up.

I didn't ask for anything major just a few little bits and bobs so received lots of little treats and surprises. I've been doing some serious organising of my bedroom since moving back home from university so my mom bought me some storage boxes and some acrylic make up storage which I have moved into my room. 

I absolutely love books, especially ones with beautiful photographs so I was over the moon when I opened this 'Vogue on Coco Chanel' Book (above) from the Secret Santa I do with my cousins. The theme this year was white and I think my Secret Santa did very well, so thanks Kurt! Rob also bought me the For Dummies Digital Photography book because I really enjoy photography and I would love to get a bit better at it. He also surprised me with the Velbon Tripod below!

My sister and I bought each other magazine subscriptions because we religiously buy them every month and something to open under the tree. She gave me this super cute Calender from Paperchase and my mom gave me this file to store my important documents because at the moment they are in my slightly worse for wear A Level Maths folder...

Santa and my Granny gave me a bunch of deliciously scented Body Shop goodies. The Vitamin E product range are firm favourites in my everyday skincare routine.

Santa also wrapped up these ridiculously cosy and Christmassy Fat Face beauties, I've barely taken the PJ's off since I opened them!

Also under the tree was a bottle of Fentiman's Gin and Tonic (my favourite drink) from my sister, my all time favourite summer scent, Miss Dior, Christian Dior and a MaxFactor lipstick in Fiery which I kept stealing from my mom :)

Finally I received a few bits and pieces from friends, family friends and my boyfriends family.

I was a very lucky girl this Christmas and had such a wonderful day. I hope you guys also had the best day and of course, it isn't about the present but they are a little bonus so I would love to know which your favourite presents were this year?! 

P.S As everyone says, I'm not bragging, just wanted to share as I love reading these posts myself!

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