Birdoswald is a Roman Fort situated on Hadrian's Wall. It is one of the best preserved forts on the longest, continuous stretch of the wall.

I first went here when I was in year 5 with an extremely vivid imagination and the company of my school friends. It was a fantastic day out because mainly we didn't have to go to school but it was also fun.

My boyfriend had never seen Hadrian's Wall and being a bit of a history buff I decided it was about time I took him (last summer, hah). 

We drove to Gilsland around a 15 minute drive out of Brampton and parked. You have to pay for parking but you do get it back on the ticket price. Tickets are £5.60 or £5 for concessions so remember your student card! They have a tearoom, an art gallery, a small museum which is reasonably interesting and outside are the remains of the fort. 

Personally I find it difficult to visualise the fort but the wall itself is impressive, as is the view over the valley below. The grounds and the wall are all accessible to the public so really you are paying £5 for the museum. 

I do believe it is the best place to see the wall but in future I would probably just visit the wall outside rather than pay to see the museum. It is a great afternoon activity for visitors, history fans and families.

Might any of you visit Birdoswald, maybe in the spring?

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