With the Lake District on our doorstep it's no surprise that we love to grab the camping gear and head out for the night.

One of my favourite camping spots is in Buttermere on a basic site located in a field with interesting landscaping, next to a stream and smack bang in between Buttermere and Crummock Water. You can see both from the top of the hill.

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There is a little car park across the stream so it's easy to carry all your gear to the perfect spot. After choosing your nights location you have the pleasure of sharing the field with other happy campers. sheep and a few chickens.

The site itself has basic ablutions with showers, toilets and washing up facilities and that is it. Hence the beauty of the whole experience. I love to camp but I also like a real toilet. 

Our first afternoon involved playing frisbee and Nerf bomb giving each other various challenges and exploring the land by crummock water. We climbed trees, skimmed stones and fished for weeds with a net. Some of the more adventurous took a detour back to the camping site through a forest, disturbing a hornets nest and concluding in a comic flee from the forest, the kind of thing you only see in films!

Another beauty about the location of the site is it's proximity to the local pub, The Fish. Our group descended on the beer garden taking in the last of the summer sun. The day ended with a braai, hot chocolates and games before cosying up in our sleeping bags. 

The next morning began with bacon rolls and coffee followed by a leisurely walk around buttermere. You can also treat yourselves with a half way stop at the ice cream van at the top of the lake. You'll also need the ice cream to give yourselves energy to take all the camping equipment down and repack the car. Somehow it never fits quite as snugly as when you first pack it!

We had such a lovely night away, there's nothing like being at one with nature. Do you like to go camping in the lakes? Can you share any awesome camping spots?

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