On our less relaxing days we made sure to explore the museums and other interactive sights we could get our hands on...

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The BWM Welt and the Olympic park which is right opposite were where we began. Just hop on the U-Bahn to Olympiazentrum and you are there, BWM on your left and the olympic park on your right. It was pouring down by the time we arrived to we braved a pictureless wander around the park before drying out in the Welt. The showroom section is free but the state of the art museum is well worth the small entrance fee especially with your student card.

Our next museum stop was the epic Deutsches Museum, we literally spent all day here. The actually Deutsches Museum is so vast it is split over 3 locations, The main location is in the centre of Munich and covers 'Masterpieces of Science and Technology'. You know me, I love a good interactive museum and this definitely fits the bill. We tried to see everything and I'm glad we did because you need to make sure you go right to the top floor as there is an amazing outdoor roof terrace where you have 360 degree views of the green Munich skyline.

The other 2 locations are the Verkehrszentrum which is just West of the city centre which we didn't visit and the Flugwerft Schleißheim which is located on the Oberschleissheim Airfield North of the city. If you couldn't guess it's all about planes and the exhibition not only included genuine aircraft but there was also information on the role of the airfield during the war. If you like planes like Rob does this one is a must see!

We also made a day trip out to the Dachau concentration camp which was a very humbling and emotional experience. Something you definitely shouldn't miss.

So that is it for Munich! Have I convinced to to hop on a plane yet? Any questions don't hesitate to ask and I will endeavour to answer them :) If you missed the previous 2 photo diaries you can check them out here and here.

In my next post you can see how to spend a day in Salzburg!

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