Hello my beautiful readers... If there are any of you still there?

If I'm really honest I just haven't been feeling my blog the last few weeks, not for any reason in particular but the motivation to produce content just wasn't there. I haven't stopped reading others and I did come across a few mentions of 'bloggers block'. I know, I know it sounds ridiculous but apparently it is a thing! So I'm just going to roll with it and blame that for my lack of interest. 

In actual fact I think it has been pretty good for me to just sit back and enjoy life for a couple of weeks rather than thinking about how I can make a post about everything I do in between my day job. I have still been taking photographs and I think I'm starting to get back into the swing of blogging things. 

Caution, things are about to get heavy:

I guess I'm at one of those times in my life where I'm being pressured all the time with what I'm doing with my life. Please tell me some of you guys feel this way too? Everyone I see is asking what I'm going to do now I've graduated (yes, I graduated last July and STILL have no idea) but I feel so young and not ready for the real world, like AT all.

It seems like all my friends are getting proper career jobs, knowing what they want to do with their lives and I'm sitting here in wanderlust thinking about when I can do some travelling again. That is the main goal I have in life right now. But rather than being proactive I'm pushing anything important to the back of my mind and trying not to think about it, instead enjoying the day to day life I lead now I've moved back in with my wonderful mother.

I am definitely not a thinker. I hate thinking about things, I would much rather pretend it wasn't happening. Just read my book or watch Netflix to distract me...

And now I feel a little awkward because I have no idea who is reading this. What if I bump into someone in the street who has read it? Hah. I feel like getting it out there takes the weight off my shoulders a little (clique much) though which is what I needed. I feel lighter. Although that might just be because I've lost a few kgs :D 

Well now I've randomly poured my heart out I might leave it there. Let me know if you liked this more chatty post where I get really honest with you guys...

Lots of love, 


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  1. Alice Stacey (ITSALICE25)3 May 2015 at 21:56

    Hope your okay lovely.
    I would take it day by day.. go with the flow. :)
    If you ever need a chat, I'm at the other end of the computer.