Love walking week 5 is the endurance test....

Now, it might come as a surprise but I haven't actually been finding the previous walks that difficult and I came to the conclusion it's because although they are tough they are over quickly. That is all well and good but the larger the fells get the longer they get so I decided it was about time we got some miles in!

This time in the form of the very popular Derwent Water. It's about 8 miles all the way around not including and extra mile from and to the car and I think it took us around 3 hours walking pretty quickly but including a picnic lunch just over half way.

It is reasonably boring the majority of the way in my opinion but certainly do able and there are quite a few things to see and keep you occupied along the way.

You feel so great at the end, it's hard to resist a reward - hence drinkies (outside, making the most of the warmish weather) at the new Wetherspoons in Keswick. It's in the old police station/court house so it's well worth a peek inside, they've done a great job!

If you still fancy something shorter with a view, try Dodd Summit.

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