Let me first start by saying... WOO HOO I DID IT!!

Grisedale Pike was a big deal for me. The start of topping the big guns. After having to put this one off for a while due to bad weather I finally managed to head up on one of the most beautiful days of the year so far joined by mother dear and Rob.

We parked in a tiny car park (so make sure you get there early) at the top of Braithwaite village and then you get straight into the steep climb upwards. It took us around 1 hour 50 minutes to reach the summit where we enjoyed dramatic and mostly uninterrupted views with a picnic. The last section of the ascent is a tough climb but it is worth of course :)

It is then quite a long way down and there is a boring walk along the valley on a flatish road. To make the descent more exciting you could do the Coledale Round which I may just have to try soon now I've done Grisedale. When you are already up there it makes it look easy! 

Grisedale is quite a bit higher than the other fells I've been doing at 791m but is good preparation for next weeks Blencathra at 868m. I always feel so fantastic and such a sense of achievement when I've completed a walk, I really do love it now. 

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