The next few days were spent relaxing in Simon's Town, wandering the shops, heading back to 'The Secret Beach' and of course visiting the penguins at Boulders.

We couldn't resist heading back to Muizenberg to surf the still pretty dumpy waves but fun non the less. Combining it with a 'drive' along Boyes Drive is a must; to avoid the terrible road works in Muizenberg, check out the shark watchers again and of course the view!

Next was a wander around Simon's Town visiting all the colonial shops for vintage Navy goods and an amazing homeware and gifts boutique. Unfortunately I canNOT remember what it's called and I can't find it anywhere online, it is on the front street somewhere though ;)

A visit to Boulders is also a must but I don't always feel it's worth the cost of the entrance fee as you can walk along the board walk to the beach for free and that's where all the penguins have their nests. You can also see them up close on the beaches either side. It is good to support the conservation of the penguins though.

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