Camps Bay became a great base for us to do the real touristy things Cape Town has to offer.

Firstly we booked a trip to Robben Island which is something my sister and I have never done. The tour begins with a boat trip from the V&A waterfront to the island. You are then ferried onto a bus for what would be a 1 minute walk which seems unnecessary where you meet your tour guide and former prisoner. It was a very interesting way to do things and it was nice to have someone with real experience to show you around however the information was very un-detailed and the stories were pretty boring. The group was also huge so most of the time you couldn't hear what was being said. You are then ferried around the island once more with very little detail being given about the buildings you see. Then it's back on the boat and back to shore. It is a shame because I do feel the whole experience has a whole lot more potential.

Next up was the never disappointing Table Mountain definitely a must with incredible views over the city and the 2 oceans. For an extra challenge walk up early in the morning and celebrate with brunch at the top!

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