There is so much to do in Central Park, New York City that you could spend hours upon hours exploring. So I thought I would share with you guys my top 10 must do's for your next visit to the 843 acre city park.

1. People Watch
If you love to people watch like I do, Central Park is a great place to do it because EVeryone hangs out here from dog walkers to group yoga, you never know what you might see.

2. The 'Friends' Fountain (Spoiler, it's not!)
I've noticed all the tour guides and carriage drivers tell tourists that the Cherry Hill Fountain is where the theme to Friends was filmed. Don't be fooled though kids, I hear it was actually filmed in a studio in LA. This beautiful Victorian fountain was used for thirsty horses and a carriage turn-around.

3. Boating on The Lake
This was probably one of my favourite things to do and was a great little escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can read more about boating on the lake in this post.

4. Bethesda Terrace
This grand terrace over looks the lake with another magical fountain, the most incredible tiled ceiling from the 1860's and carvings of the 4 different seasons.

Outfit details coming soon!

5. Stuart Little Model Sailing
Stuart Little was such a good film and now I'm going to make Rob watch it with me again. You can visit the little model sailing water where they do the racing, cute!

6. Alice in Wonderland
A magical Alice in Wonderland statue - what more can I say?

7. Get Lost
You may have realised I am an organising freak when it comes to travel. I plan everything with precision and even I couldn't resist heading off the beaten track. There are so many peaceful, peopleless paths to stumble across.

8. Belevdere Castle
It might not quite be the same kind of historical castle we get in the UK but it is still pretty cool, free to enter (you can leave a donation) and you get a really good view at the very top.

9. Walk around the reservoir
The reservoir is pretty big but there is a great path around the outside so you can join New Yorkers in getting some exercise (as if we haven't done enough walking already) and collecting your thoughts.

10. Cross the bridges
Finally there are some very beautiful bridges to cross when you are wandering through central park. Go and find your favourite.

Where else would you recommend in Central Park?

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