Whenever I visited Robert near Leeds and he has to work I take the opportunity to drive into the Dales, go for a little walk and breath in the wild garlic. This one particular day late Spring (hence the crazy beautiful bluebells) I did a little research and discovered Grimwith Reservoir which seemed to tick all the boxes. I arrived at what I believed was the carpark and began walking along an old farm track. After a few moments I was in the middle of nowhere, it was really windy and cloudy and I felt like I was about to get murdered. I ran back to the car only to somehow discover that I hadn't driven quite far enough and there were plenty of cars and people walking dogs in the proper car park.

By this time though I was kind of over the reservoir and the weather looked much brighter heading South where I had come from so I drove back to a little car park next to the river at Barden Bridge that I had passed and set off on my walk from there. The sun was shining, there were enough people that I didn't feel scared and the bluebells were out in force. I walked down one side of the river towards Bolton Abbey and back along the other side, enjoying the peace and the smell of wild garlic.

Do you guys have any favourite walks in the Yorkshire Dales?

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