Oh Hideout! What can I say about Hideout? It was absolutely incredible. I would go again in a heartbeat. So much fun, most people couldn't have been nicer and the music was of course insane.

After a day at the beach we would head to the festival on Zrce Beach at around 12 and stay out until 7am watching the sunrise to MK.

Girls definitely make a lot of effort but I feel comfort is key here... and not flashing your knickers ;) Drinks were pricey so we would always make sure to drink a lot before we went and Redbull will become your best friend at 2am when you start to feel sleepy - always power through.

Make sure you go to some of the pool parties too. Another excuse to dress up, well in a bikini at least and they are really chilled.

My 2015 highlights would have to include MK, Sigma, George Fitzgerald, Dj EZ, Shadow Child, oh I don't even know there were too many to say!


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