So I'm doing this thing now where I don't allow myself to write any blog posts at all until I have applied for a job each day. This seems to be working really well for me because when I do start applying for jobs you kind of get in the zone and before I know it I've been applying for a couple of hours (which btw always surprises me how long it takes for each application!)

Here are some pictures from a walk me and Rob did when I was down in Leeds this week. The last few weeks it has been super foggy in the Wharfe Valley so we went for a walk in Golden Acre Park. We parked at the top this time so it was a very different walk across woodland surrounded fields and forests making it very spooky but exciting in the fog.

Rob took some outfit pictures while we were there so I'll show you those soon and you can see my previous posts on Golden Acre here and this super old one here.

Big loves,

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