Rio is high on Rob's list of places to visit so when we discovered a Brasilian place in Leeds we knew we had to go. I've just returned for a few days staying with his family so we decided to check it out with a little date 'afternoon' on Tuesday.

Cabana Basilian Barbecue aims to share what the co-founders love so much about Brasil, the eccentricity of the cities, the people's positive outlook on life and of course the communal barbecued food. It was pretty quiet because we went late afternoon but there was still an atmosphere, the staff were so friendly and helpful and the deco does make you feel transported into the depths of Sao Paulo.

And the food I hear you ask? Just perfect! Sweet, sticky, quava-cue chicken with peppers, spicy prawns, homemade coleslaw and sweet potato fries complimented by 2 for 1 frozen cocktails made from the Brasilian sugar cane spirit, Cacha├ža.

P.S I have had such a productive day today guys, applied for jobs and tidied my room - it's not even half 4 ;)

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