Okay so I have a little confession to make... Yesterday I may have just written all my Christmas cards!

I know, I know it is absolutely crazy and we are still very much in November but when I saw them all sitting there in Paperchase looking all lovely and Christmassy I couldn't resit. Then when I got home I was so excited I wrote a list of all the people I was going to send them too (not actually that many) and then some how my Sharpie just fell onto the Christmas cards. By the end of the evening I had written every single one. Ooops.

I thoroughly enjoyed it though and it felt good to be organised and productive. I just love the cards too. Paperchase had so many cute ones to choose from and a great selection of charity ones too. Most of them were 3 for 2 and the slightly larger ones were priced at £3.50 and the smaller ones £3.

Where might you get your Christmas cards from this year? I don't normally even write them but there is something about a physical hand written note that is just so special. Brings warmth to the heart, hah.

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