So last weekend was a busy but super fun one! My family Drove down to kendal to stay in a sweet family run hotel for my uncle's birthday. All his kids were up too so it was a great little family reunion. The Friday hight was spent catching up and lots of laughs over the previous times we had stayed at the hotel.

On Saturday it was time for a lengthy walk. My uncle loves fell walking and as a recent convert I was very much up for it too. We began in the village of Staveley Bridge by purchasing a little lunch in the More? Artisan Bakery and the local butchers before heading north out of the village. We followed a path up through a forest and didn't pass up the chance for a go on the rope swing ;)

We then went East towards a farm and stopped for a picnic lunch in the shelter of the nearby dam. Then it was a simple follow of the river down the hill and back into the village along the Dales Way
It was my perfect kind of walk really - around 10km with a lot of variety from forest to the views and of course the riverside.

I can't wait to show you the bakery in Staveley too!

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