Firstly before I start this is a long one but bare with me, I think it should be worth it! Okay, so you may have noticed recently that there have been no new blog posts, Tweets, Instagrams or any other form of social media internet interactions and that is because of a very unplanned internet detox.

I mentioned we were moving house a little while ago and now seems as good of a time as any to elaborate on that...

I grew up in a small and super cosy home right on the seaside in Cumbria. My sister and I had the BEST childhood I could possibly imagine, swimming in the sea, building dens in the rocks, huge bonfires on the beach for November 5th and endless sunny braai's and birthday parties. Although I didn't live very close to any of my school friends it didn't matter because we had our family and some fantastic family friends with children of similar ages too.

When I went to uni I didn't miss home or feel home sick because I only lived 2 hours away and I always had my home to come back to. So when I graduated I was happy to gravitate back to my little home in the country. I like the excitement of city life but I love being a little country bumpkin.

Then almost 2 years ago my mother had an opportunity to renovate a house also on the seaside just under half an hour away from where I grew up. I knew she couldn't pass it up - the perfect way to begin her retirement making a new house into her perfect home. I fully supported her decision and was equally excited to help her come up with ideas for our new home.

These things take AGES though. Or at least they do in Cumbria. We put our house on the market a year and a half ago and began plans for the new house meeting regularly with an architect and spending a lot of time on Pinterest, watching Grand Designs and reading interiors magazines.

We had quite a lot of interest in our house to begin with, I mean the view in the summer is absolutely incredible and soon we had a buyer. That ended up falling through pretty quickly and the house was back on the market. A long story short we had all the excitement of creating a new home without losing our current home.

Then a couple of weeks ago someone bought our house and wanted us out before Christmas. All of a sudden everything happened at once after a year of nothing happening. And now we have moved into our very unrenovated new house!

It's fine and my mom has done an amazing job at making it homely and I know it is a great new start for her in life after my dad passed away but for me it has been a totally traumatic experience.

I honestly didn't realise how attached I was to those slightly crumbling and damp walls. It didn't hit me until the day before we moved when my mom had gone out and I was sat on my own in the quiet echoey house surrounded by boxes of our belongings.

I am settled in my new room though which is on the top floor all on its own and has a great view of the harbour and the sea.

Now that I have that off my chest I can tell you about the internet. Basically we moved and we were getting new fibre optic but it would be over a week without any internet. I still don't live in a big city so there is no mobile data and no wifi. At first we were really annoyed but it ended up being pretty lovely. I cannot even tell you how much of my life I waste looking at pointless things on the internet. I obviously love it but having a break was actually really wonderful.

I've been reading Pride & Prejudice before bed instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and I've made my room look rather pretty. When we were finally reconnected last night I didn't even know what to look at but I still managed to spend a couple of hours browsing before bed instead of sleeping!

And you know what surprised me the most - I didnt even miss anything that happened in the digital world! I did read something about Justin Beiber dating Kourtney Kardashian but I didn't really care...

Have you guys done a digital detox before? And how did you feel about moving house?

Love Clare 

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