After waking up with just a smattering of snow but a clear day we decided to take a walk along the road up the hill from Ecocamp towards Drumore Loch. We then took a track up the otherside of the Loch into the forest all the way to the top, revealing stunning views over the Highlands.

There was a hairy moment when we had to walk through and a sparsely fenced field full of Highland Cattle with our excitable puppy but we made it safetly to lower ground.

We took some slightly incorrect turnings on the way down and ended up having to do a little off roading and fence clambering much to my mother's dismay but we all found it hilarious! We eventually made it back to Blacklunans thanks to Geographer Rob over here where it promptly started to pour with rain.

A hot chocolate (with marshmellows and a couple of slices of chocolate orange) was the best way to warm up while the rain got steadily worse and we started to make wet weather plans for the following day.

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