So we made it to Ireland and it has been just wonderful so far minus getting here. Honestly, flying to Knock was the most traumatic (okay, that is a little over dramatic) flight out of any flight I have ever taken. It was supposed to be 50 minutes from Liverpool but we ended up circling over Knock for a while before they decided that there was too much fog to land so we were sent over to Shannon.

Again after circling for a while there was an announcement to say that another plane had technical difficulties and had to make an emergency landing so we would have to wait longer although we didn't have enough fuel to wait so we had to go all the way back to Dublin. RyanAir were going to put on a bus to Knock but we decided it would be much easier and more comfortable to hire our car from Dublin instead. Eventually we arrived back in Sligo after a much longer journey than we had anticipated!

Phew, so that was crazy. Then it was straight into a weekend of family catch ups and baby cuddles with Donnecha's Christening being on Sunday. Yesterday the weather was a perfect winters day, crisp but sunny so we took the new path up the North side of Knocknarea and grabbed some lunch at Drumcliffe Church Tearoom. Today was a great, relaxing day which I will tell you about soon. The internet is quite slow though. Now we are having some internet catch up time before another family supper.

Hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend!

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