Obviously everyone is talking about the perfect little shoulder bag that is the Chloe Drew. Also obviously, they are over a thousand pounds which puts it out of rather a few people's budgets.

Now one day I was browsing the bag department of Primark looking for a small bag that would fit my DSLR camera in so I could take it on nights out or for nice meals. I stumbled across this rather pretty cream and black number which was - wait for it... £9!

I am aware it doesn't look quite as classy as something you are paying over a £1000 for but I like the way it fastens and the subtle hint of faux snakeskin on the inside of the strap. There is a little pocket on the inside perfect for cards and money and most importantly it fits my camera just snuggly.

So nice one Primark. I'm rather chuffed. Go get it kids.

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