Yesterday morning I went to get my nails done at a chain here in South Africa called Sorbet. I went for the stiletto shape with a light pink not something I would normally go for but its perfect in the sunshine. I'm sure you'll see them soon.

Nails freshly painted mom and I went decided to go to the District Six Museum in the centre of Cape Town as neither of us had ever been. It was small but only R30 and shared many of the locals shocking experiences of living in the area (or not living and being thrown out because of the colour of their skin) and the segregation of different people.  It is definitely worth a visit and very humbling. I struggle to comprehend that people were given different jobs simply because of the colour of their skin! It is just so wrong.

The traffic in Cape Town is getting worse too so to avoid rush hour we popped along to the V&A waterfront for drinks and salad at Quay Four. It has the most incredible seafood and it situated right on the harbour.

We are just about to head out to some friends for a supper of fish and chips freshly caught several miles off the tip of Cape Point just yesterday!

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