For our last day (I know can you believe it's our last day already) it was another stunning day so we went up to the longest waterfall in Ireland at 150m. Known locally at Blowback (due to the fact when the wind is up it blows the water back over the top of the mountain) there is a lovely  1.2km walk to get to the bottoms of the waterfall with an ascent of 120m so you feel it but it isn't too strenuous and the wildlife (frogs, hens and donkeys) make it perfect for children.

Also nearby is the much more commercial Glencar waterfall which I don't think is as pretty but it's worth the short walk up to visit it.

Already, it is now time for our next adventure. We are heading back to Cape Town for 3 weeks. I'll keep you guys posted as usual (or so I like to think!)

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