Okay so hello my beautiful blog people. It has been a while and boy have I missed you! Let me tell you it has been a crazy few weeks. I got back from Cape Town, spent a lovely week with Rob then had a wicked 2 weeks in Florida visiting my best friend Emily. My other bestie that I went with Kelly. ended up in hospital while we were there so we couldn't fly home when we were meant to and it was all a bit hectic. Don't worry though, she's home now and much much better so that's good. But it does mean I have neglected the blog a little, okay a lot.

I still have quite a bit to share with you guys from my time in the Mother City so I'm picking right back up where I left off with what is quite possibly the best coffee I have had in Cape Town. I haven't been to every coffee shop so I understand it is a big claim but it HAS to be up there. I hadn't been to Woodstock before but I had heard so much I couldn't pass up a visit (more about that later). Situated in the heart of the Woodstock Exchange is our beaut.

Rosetta Roastery is to Cape Town what Blue Bottle is to New York and you guys know how much I love Blue Bottle. The branding, interior design, the smooth creamy, rich flavour of the coffee and just the generally cool vibe. The staff win hands down in Rosetta though. There are 3 different coffees to choose from then just take it outside, watch the creatives work and enjoy!

Are there any other coffee hotspots I can't miss next time?

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